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Jason Wright, Founder & CEO
Intentionally Inspirational

I have had the honor and the privilege of working with Nickie on a regular basis for a variety of digital marketing projects, collaborations and focuses. She is the sharpest marketing strategist that I have ever met and extremely focused on providing results. Her process of helping clients figure out where they are in relation to where they want to go is excellent. Her skills in email marketing, Facebook ads and marketing funnels are exceptional and I want to keep her company close for a long time to come for this reason! 

If you are thinking about reaching out to Nickie for consulting, a project or an ongoing monthly relationship of your own, you will not regret it. You have my personal guarantee on that!

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Erin Knight, Owner
Engineering Radiance

“I found that Nickie was able to ask things [of my customers] that I hadn’t thought about and now I’m reshaping some of my offerings and the way that I frame some of my marketing based on the information she collected. And, she was able to collect really great testimonial stories that I can just add right to my website to help me build that out.”

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Adam Gay, Executive Director
McGraw-Hill Education

"Nickie is a talented, creative business consultant who I enjoyed working alongside for many years. She generated profitable outcomes for each client she worked with by breaking down complex, challenging problems to identify the core issues and to develop focused solutions. She possesses a great breadth of knowledge and experience that allows her to dutifully lead clients across multiple industries to successful results."


Sheryl Holman, Owner
Frameworks LLC

“Nickie has designed several marketing tools for me, including a brochure and networking pages on the internet. Nickie is creative and a very knowledgeable consultant to work with. She is a concise, excellent writer and delivered all products on time and below budget. I would highly recommend Nickie and I plan to use her skill and knowledge in the future for any marketing needs I have."



Brendan Sammon, Health Care Market Research Professional

"I had the pleasure of working with Nickie on several projects while I was at Universal Survey. Nickie is an effective, detail-oriented researcher. Her collaborative ability enables her to successfully navigate through the research process. She has excellent communication and troubleshooting skills and is a high-energy professional. It is always a pleasure to work with her."


Jeff Reaves, Owner
Reaves Consulting

"Nickie was a joy to work with and always got things right! Nickie went the extra mile for me when we worked together. I highly recommend her."

These are just a few words from those who have worked with Nickie Lane and our Founder. 
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